Company Profile

About Us –

There are 335 million menstruating women in India yet astonishingly just 18-20% of them use sanitary napkins in periods. That means that the rest number of people use the unhygienic and traditional method during that period such as dirty and unsanitised cloth, ash, and leaves. This leads to many hormonals’ diseases and in extreme cases to vaginal cancer. According to survey, incidents of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) is more common in these women. Inadequate menstrual measures lead girls of adolescent age group miss school for 5 days which eventually led to their drop out of school.

Godson Industries (founded in 2020) is committed to change this numbers and facts. We at Godson try our best to make sure that our product reaches to the most needed women and girls of the country. We with our products have embarked on the mission to bring an increase in the percentage of women/girls using sanitary pads in India. In order to ensure this, we try to make best quality product with most affordable prices so that price should not and must not be a problem for menstruating girls/women in accessing them. Godson strives to ensure that no women are denied of their basic rights because of menstruation.

About Our Other Works

Godson as a company came into existence in 2015 as Godson Infracity Private Limited with an aim of providing housing lands to the people of Nautanwa on affordable and easy EMI’s with all basic parameters of development such as road, lights, park, guard, sewage system and so on and so forth. Godson has facilitated more than 500 people in fulfilling their dreams of buying a land

In its quest of serving the people of nation and to ensure its bit in Nation Building, Godson embarked on the journey of making the below poverty line women - empowered and self- sufficient by providing them microloans on easy EMI’s under Godson Microfinance Federation. Up till now Godson has provided loans to more than 8000 women who are now proud owners of their respective businesses.

Our Values –


We will be honest with our work and our nation. We will be fair and transparent in our conduct.


We take the full social and environmental responsibility and shall never indulge in activities that will harm the whole us.


We shall always trust our investors, stakeholders and partners and will always work in complete unity.


We will always try to give the best quality-oriented products to our customers and shall always strive for the best.


We will always follow the principle of equality in our conduct and shall never discriminate anyone based on their caste, creed, gender, region, colour, religion and age.


The value system of the organization is based on the elements of Humanism such as compassion, kindness, goodness and Will to help others and refine them to a better life.

The Mission of the organization does not limit to capitalistic gains instead it strives to bring a real change. The foundational stone of Godson Industries is based on what once “Leo Tolstoy” had said –

“The sole meaning of the Life is to serve humanity”

The core pursuit of the company is to surely and completely ameliorate the lives of the people all across the length and breadth of the nation. Deriving inspiration from the Fundamentals of the Constitution, Godson vehemently believe in the idea of equality and view it as its mission in the conduct of its affairs.


The deriving force behind Godson Industries vision is 4 ‘E’ i.e. Employment, Empowerment, Environment and Education. We at Godson strongly believe in Sustainable future and world and hence all our work is directed towards sustainable fashion of implementation.

We vigorously trust in Human Relation thesis and thus promote a very healthy Employer – Employee relation. Godson considers its employees as key factor behinds its endeavors and success and thus visions everything and anything inculcating them as integral part.

We aspire to be in every household of the nation, in any and every form, helping to build themselves and nation with our little assistance. Bringing the curtains down having firm believe in our values, we are committed to ease the lives of people of nation and become hope for hopeless and voice for voiceless.